Put Your Customers First: How to Optimize the Buyer’s Journey

The marketing industry is rife with various kinds of jargon and buzzwords, some of which are overused and carelessly tossed around. Oftentimes, this creates more confusion than solutions when trying to reach customers effectively and generate business. Some of these fluffy terms do have a legitimate place in marketing lingo, however, so it’s important to consider how much value they … Read More

Consumers Need Much More than a Digital Application

All mortgage companies are looking for an end-to-end digital mortgage solution that will create a simplified customer experience, but most companies find themselves trying to navigate a sea of choices when it comes to LOS, POS, CRM and technology solutions requiring integrations that cost considerable time and money. What would an ideal mortech solution look like? Likely, it would tackle … Read More

Hire a Virtual Marketing Team

“I don’t have time.” That’s a refrain heard from the mouths of most successful loan officers at some point. The reason for this is simple: There are a million things to do each day. The seemingly never-ending list includes calls to make, emails to return, loans to structure, teams to coordinate, agents to meet, and so much more. What inevitably … Read More

What the Restaurant Business Teaches About the Mortgage Business

Restaurants live or die by their reviews. Whether that’s a splashy spread in the newspaper, inviting influencers and bloggers to join them for a meal or simply through digital channels like Yelp and on Google. A bad review can stop a potential diner their quest for a great meal at a restaurant while a positive review can reassure their decision … Read More

Mortgage Marketing Visionary

The person or company that you charge with relating your vision of the ideal mortgage should be able to juggle all of the facets of modern marketing. That includes understanding technology, sales, marketing, the mortgage market, brand, websites and a vast array of digital channels. A successful mortgage broker shop or banker will need someone to develop and implement marketing … Read More

Mortgage Customer Journeys

What happens from the moment a person decides they want to buy a home? What are the buyer’s thoughts, fears and worries? Where do they turn for advice — friends, family members or online search? How can you be the trusted source of lending information and be in front of them at the right time with the right message? All … Read More

Outsourcing Mortgage Marketing and Technology

All marketing departments have the best of intentions for allowing their loan originators to use personalized marketing. However, the steady demand for fliers and other requests can keep loan officers from focusing on some of the bigger strategies and goals required by their company to build business. Luckily, marketing can be easily outsourced because companies such as Intent truly understand … Read More

Personalization is the New Mortgage Marketing Buzzword

Marketing to your database requires segmenting your audiences appropriately and creating individual messaging plans for each segment. So often, mortgage marketing strategies try to cast too wide of a net. The message doesn’t resonate with the target recipient because you cannot speak to a past customer, potential customer and referral partner the same way.  Segmenting audiences and creating individualized emails … Read More

Mortgage Technology Integrations

A new technology emerges seemingly every day in the mortgage industry that promises to deliver an incredible, industry-disrupting, holy grail system ready to transform the way business is done. Such novelties are wonderful — as long as the loan officer or mortgage broker takes the time to master the technology. And as long as the technology is supported by experts … Read More

Mortgage Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing, or ABM, is the easiest way for mortgage brokers or mortgage companies to create meaningful marketing campaigns without the benefit of a full-time marketing department. ABM has surged in popularity across all professional fields over the past few years because it allows personal branding and individual customer experience to take center stage at a relatively low price point. … Read More