We Value You. We Value Each Other.

  • Partnerships

    We respect the incredible minds behind so many technology companies that we are privileged to work with and partner with professionals in both mortgage and real estate to produce real results.

  • Performance

    We earn it. That’s our job – to make you more successful. The Intent team works hard to create systems that make your job easier.

  • Collaboration

    Intent is a family. That sounds cliche, but it’s real. We listen to each other and bring a wealth of marketing and technology knowledge since many of us ran agencies or companies before joining the team.

  • Mentoring

    We believe in teaching people. Be that in a nurture campaign to a home buyer or showing your IT department that they can create a perfect funnel for your company when they work together with your marketing company, we bring people together.

  • Innovation

    There is always a new product launching, a shift in the market or opportunities to unearth. It’s our job to test those out so you don’t have to endure demos or look for proof of ROI. We keep our eye on tech trends and create new integrations and campaigns that pivot.

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