Videos, ‘Instastories’ and the Art of Visual Marketing

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Nothing paralyzes a person faster than putting them on camera. A permanent record of what you say or do can almost seem worse than the anxiety that comes with public speaking. Our article about ramping up your video marketing by creating great real estate and mortgage marketing videos may go a long way in assuaging your video fears about everything … Read More

Creating a Great Video to Enhance Your Video Marketing

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Video marketing is an important and effective way to send personalized messaging to your customers and prospective leads. With the right techniques and a few small pieces of equipment, you can be on your way to creating excellent marketing videos in no time! While marketing videos can be created with any type of video equipment, the simplest and most cost-effective … Read More

BombBomb Offers Sincerity in Video Marketing

bomb bomb video marketing

BombBomb is a video marketing tool for email that lets users establish relationships through recorded videos that can be sent from essentially any location via text, email and social media platforms. Whether users are working from their office or on the go, BombBomb can be utilized to ramp up marketing efforts.  One of the biggest advantages of BombBomb is how it … Read More

Video Content Ideas for Mortgage Professionals

video content ideas

Videos are an important and personal way for you to connect with your business partners and customers. There are many smart ways to create good, sharable content, but you also must evaluate the effectiveness of what you are creating. For example, if only your mortgage peers are viewing and commenting, you may need to try new tactics such as the … Read More