Intent Employee Spotlight – Tim Chew

Time Chew

Tim Chew, affectionately known around the office as “Chewy,” is the Chief Technology Officer at Intent Homebuying Marketing Intelligence. Tim spends his days immersed in the technology side of the company, building systems and guiding our team. Learn a little bit about Tim today! Start Date: 2/25/19 Brief overview of what you do: All things technology and the occasional handyman … Read More

Facebook Wants Financial Information to Streamline User Experience

facebook financial information

According to recent reports, Facebook is aiming to partner with banks to bring more services to its apps. Facebook hopes these partnerships will integrate personal financial data to streamline user experience. As part of an effort to offer new services, the social media giant is asking banks to share information such as card transactions and checking account balances.  Services such … Read More

Built Is Revolutionizing Construction Lending

home construction

As the leading software for construction lenders, Built is designed to mitigate risk and simplify construction loan management. Not only does Built connect everyone involved in the post-closing administration processes; it automates manual processes and reporting.  Using both a desktop and mobile app, Built creates unique workflows that cater to all types of construction loan products for a seamless transaction. … Read More