Solidifi: Helping Shape the Residential Lending Space


An independent provider of valuation and closing services supporting the residential real estate mortgage industry, Solidifi oversees a technology-based marketplace where independent field professionals consistently elevate their performance and deliver better results while competing for business.  Having partnered with tens of thousands of qualified independent field professionals, Solidifi bills itself as the preferred mortgage service provider for more than 60 … Read More

LinkedIn for B2B Real Estate & Mortgage Marketing


It is stunning to marketers how overlooked LinkedIn remains when it comes to B2B marketing. Just consider the following LinkedIn stats: Over 500 million users Among LinkedIn users, 260 million are active on a monthly basis 40% of monthly users are active on a daily basis 63 million unique mobile users monthly 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, compared … Read More

Share Blog Articles To Enhance Digital Mortgage Marketing


Blogging is one of the best ways to enhance your digital mortgage marketing efforts and make your business thrive. Blogging delivers numerous benefits, which include drawing more traffic to your website, converting that traffic into leads, developing relationships, keeping customers engaged, establishing your business, and connecting with people. Posting blogs on your mortgage marketing website allows you to equip your … Read More

Download the Mobile App Equivalent of Uber for Mortgage Leads

When people think of successful mobile apps, Uber is perhaps one of the first that comes to mind. Through this shining example of technological advancement, some real estate and mortgage companies have attempted to create an Uber-like app to strengthen their relevance and reach. Where Uber pairs passengers with drivers, these apps connect clients and borrowers with loan officers and … Read More

Optimize Reviews and Referrals to Drive Your Business

online reviews

The world of real estate and mortgage marketing has reached a point where consumers are in a position of greater power than ever. Most potential customers conduct thorough research before deciding to do or not do business with a mortgage professional. Along with scouring the web to find the best mortgage and real estate professionals in their area, potential buyers … Read More

Is Your Headshot Helping or Hurting Your Business?

professional headshot

Having the right head shot in your marketing materials, email signature and social media profiles is a very important component to attracting more business. The style and quality of your head shot can say a lot about who you are and how you conduct your business. It’s only natural for customers to feel more comfortable working with someone who has … Read More

Bankers Insurance Service: Insurance Solutions for Mortgage

mortgage insurance

Bankers Insurance Service, the leading provider of insurance for mortgage lending operations in the United States, has been innovating, serving, protecting and advising the mortgage lending and mortgage servicing communities for more than 65 years.  In 1952, Bankers Insurance Service developed the Mortgage Bankers Bond (MBB) program in conjunction with the Mortgage Bankers Association. Today, Bankers Insurance Service continually updates … Read More

Sellers Are Recording Prospective Homebuyers To Gather Information

home security camera

In a world where technology is at the center of almost everything, many homes are equipped with surveillance cameras ranging from basic “nanny cams” to high-tech motion sensors. From a real estate perspective, it is becoming increasingly popular for home sellers to utilize these devices to ensure the security of their home as it is shown to prospective buyers. In-home … Read More

Time Management Skills To Improve Productivity

time management

Though it may sound cliché, time truly is a valuable thing. The bottom line when it comes to time is that there are almost never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you hope to accomplish. That is particularly true in the mortgage industry, where every loan transaction requires patience, attention to detail and a great deal of time … Read More

Amazon Enters the Housing Arena

amazon mortgage

The real estate industry is booming with technological advancements, and Amazon seems to be jumping on the new opportunity. In this industry that has mostly remained the same in routine and process for over 50 years, consumers are beginning to demand a change. With most other industries streamlining their processes through easy clicks and phone apps, home buyers are wondering … Read More