Hubzu: The leading online marketplace for real estate auctions

Hubzu is an online residential marketing platform connecting prospective home buyers with properties in all 50 U.S. states and Washington, DC. Much like eBay and other online auction platforms provide bidding capabilities with cars and other items, Hubzu enables buyers to go online to place bids on homes. In addition, real estate agents can register and submit bids on behalf … Read More

LinkedIn for B2B Real Estate & Mortgage Marketing


It is stunning to marketers how overlooked LinkedIn remains when it comes to B2B marketing. Just consider the following LinkedIn stats: Over 500 million users Among LinkedIn users, 260 million are active on a monthly basis 40% of monthly users are active on a daily basis 63 million unique mobile users monthly 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, compared … Read More

Update Your LinkedIn Profile For Optimal Mortgage Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful personal branding and networking tools available in today’s digitally driven world. Particularly in an industry where business is created by networking and meeting new people, an up-to-date LinkedIn profile is of utmost importance. Even if you think your LinkedIn profile is updated, there are a few things you can still do to optimize … Read More

How Does a Mortgage CDP Help You Market?

One of the main goals of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) system is helping loan officers establish better relationships with existing customers and recruit prospective customers. Most mortgage professionals are missing out on opportunities to retain clients and close more loans, and this is where Intent Homebuying Marketing Intelligence can become very helpful. As a mortgage CDP system, Intent will enable … Read More

Share Blog Articles To Enhance Digital Mortgage Marketing


Blogging is one of the best ways to enhance your digital mortgage marketing efforts and make your business thrive. Blogging delivers numerous benefits, which include drawing more traffic to your website, converting that traffic into leads, developing relationships, keeping customers engaged, establishing your business, and connecting with people. Posting blogs on your mortgage marketing website allows you to equip your … Read More

How Does Intent Use Mortgage Marketing to Educate Buyers?

mortgage marketing

Home buying Marketing Intelligence is more than a mortgage CDP system and digital mortgage marketing platform — it is a tool that will truly help grow your business. Today’s homebuyers are more educated than in the past, and they expect to learn more than ever about the home buying process. Everyone has questions, and Intent has the answers at the … Read More

Social Media Content Strategy For Real Estate Agents

social media content

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, millennial homebuyers represent the largest age group among buyers, making up around 65%. Of those homebuyers, a whopping 99% use online sources in their home search. With these statistics in mind, it should be a no-brainer that real estate agents would be wise to use social media sites to market … Read More

How to Really Find Homebuyers

Every person has a certain tipping point when they are ready to make a big decision, be it choosing a college, offering a marriage proposal, buying a home, starting a family or something else. The future of marketing is being able to truly use data and behavior analytics to determine the right time to be in front of your buyers. … Read More

How Are You Following Up With Leads?

lead follow up

Let’s face it: In the mortgage and real estate worlds, the only word more overused than “digital” is LEADS! Everyone wants to talk about leads — where they are coming from, how to get better ones, when more are coming in, who is talking with my leads, and, most often, how to follow up with leads. “Do you call?” “Do … Read More

Using Chatbots to Secure Mortgage Clients

When it comes to lead generation and building a client database, most marketing professionals agree that online forms are a great way to receive new clients. Many people may not realize that chatbots will likely replace contact and lead forms in the next few years. While it may feel odd at first to immediately engage a client instead of having … Read More