Video Thumbnails Really Do Matter In Mortgage Marketing

video thumbnail marketing

Studies show that first impressions are formed within a fraction of a second. When viewers see the thumbnail image of a video, they immediately form an opinion that can dictate whether they watch the video or move on. Unfortunately, video creators often spend hours building quality content, only to use a poor thumbnail and generate fewer views than desired. Creating … Read More

Videos, ‘Instastories’ and the Art of Visual Marketing

instagram stories

Nothing paralyzes a person faster than putting them on camera. A permanent record of what you say or do can almost seem worse than the anxiety that comes with public speaking. Our article about ramping up your video marketing by creating great real estate and mortgage marketing videos may go a long way in assuaging your video fears about everything … Read More

Five Types of Mortgage Marketing Videos To Build Business

Video can make business feel personal, especially in a world of digital mortgages. If you are considering making the move to video, you may not be familiar with the following different types of video available for mortgage marketing: Intro Video How did you get into the mortgage industry? What do you do? Why do you do it? Why will it … Read More