Three Types of Data and Their Impact on Mortgage Marketing

mortgage data types

When using data collected to target mortgage leads, it is important to understand the type of data with which you are dealing. This will ensure that your mortgage marketing is being communicated correctly. Following are the three major types of data, which involve varying sources and interactions: First-party data – In its broadest terms, first-party data is data that has … Read More

How Does Intent Help Nurture Mortgage Leads?

Lead nurturing, the process of tracking and developing prospective leads into sales-ready customers, is a crucial component of any successful mortgage marketing plan. When mortgage leads are captured from various sources, they cannot be expected to simply convert to a sale at the first point of contact. The mortgage leads must be nurtured before they are willing to entrust a … Read More

The Intent Methodology For Nurturing Mortgage Leads

lead nurture

Intent Home buying Marketing Intelligence provides excellent mortgage marketing communication and follow-up to keep your buyers engaged before, during and after the home loan process. By combining mortgage marketing with a logical yet simple process, we will help guide your leads through their best home loan experience. Here is how Intent makes it easy to turn a prospective costumer into … Read More

Download the Mobile App Equivalent of Uber for Mortgage Leads

When people think of successful mobile apps, Uber is perhaps one of the first that comes to mind. Through this shining example of technological advancement, some real estate and mortgage companies have attempted to create an Uber-like app to strengthen their relevance and reach. Where Uber pairs passengers with drivers, these apps connect clients and borrowers with loan officers and … Read More