Texting Customers in the Age of the Mobile Mortgage

texting mobile mortgage

In this modern age when over 90% of adults carry a cell phone and 64% prefer texting over emails and calls, the mortgage industry is moving to keep up with the times. Companies that refuse to cater to the new demands of home buyers are certain to be left behind. Understanding today’s communication landscape is vital to remaining relevant in … Read More

Forget a CRM. You need a CDP.

customer data platform

You can’t have a conversation in the mortgage space without someone asking for advice on which CRM is the right mortgage CRM. While we answered this question in another article, we would certainly say that CRMs are a thing of the past. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager, which was great when all business was referral-based, but in this current … Read More

Maxwell Delivers a Modern Borrower Experience

modern mortgage lending

After experiencing frustration and exhaustion in their own home buying and refinancing journeys, three friends decided to focus their efforts on ensuring no one else would endure the same complications in the future. In 2015, the founders of Maxwell delved into thorough research by consulting with hundreds of people involved in different stages of the mortgage process. With newfound knowledge … Read More

10 Ways for Digital Mortgages to Feel Personal

digital mortgages

Mortgage professionals can offer mixed reviews on technology and how it fits into creating a seamless experience for their homebuyers. Systems exist that allow for this marriage of technology and personal relationships, and that makes a world of difference in taking some of the paperwork burden and follow-up off the shoulders of loan originators. Below are some tips on how … Read More

Homebuyers Do Their Homework


Purchase power is driven by today’s unlimited online resources, and home buyers are likely going to do a Google search for every real estate agent, mortgage company and most other aspects of the mortgage process. With so much education at their fingertips, home buyers are now in the driver’s seat when it comes to the buying experience that they expect, … Read More