Loan Officers’ Online Presence is Crucial to Mortgage Success

Online Reputation

Forty-three percent of respondents to a recent National Mortgage News survey found their 2018 mortgage lender through an online search. In the same survey from 2017, only 21% of respondents found their mortgage lender through an online search. If this trend continues, over half of this year’s prospective homebuyers will find their mortgage lender online.\n\nFor mortgage planners, an online presence … Read More

Intent Employee Spotlight: Kristen Brower

Kristen Brower

Here at Intent, our team is a family that works together each day to ensure that our customers are able to provide their home buyers and business partners with the best possible lending experience. Each week, we’d like to introduce you to a member of our team. A graduate of North Carolina State University’s College of Design, Kristen Brower (affectionately … Read More

What is A Mortgage CDP?

mortgage cdp

One of the best ways for mortgage professionals to become a competitive force in the industry is providing their clients with exceptional service. Intent Homebuying Marketing Intelligence is a powerful digital marketing tool with the heart of a CDP that will become your most valuable asset for providing your customers and business partners with exemplary service. What Exactly Is A … Read More

Tips for Effective Testimonials

Testimonials on your mortgage website are a powerful tool for converting leads into customers. Customers love to work with people or companies that provide evidence of a positive customer experience. A testimonial is defined most simply as “a public tribute to someone and to their achievements,” but from a marketing standpoint, more should be considered when adding customer testimonials to … Read More

Forget a CRM. You need a CDP.

customer data platform

You can’t have a conversation in the mortgage space without someone asking for advice on which CRM is the right mortgage CRM. While we answered this question in another article, we would certainly say that CRMs are a thing of the past. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager, which was great when all business was referral-based, but in this current … Read More

Value Connect is Reshaping The Home Appraisal Process

home appraisal

Built for and by real estate industry experts, Value Connect makes the real estate appraisal process better and easier for mortgage lenders, appraisers, brokers and their clients.  Since Value Connect was launched in 2015, the core idea behind the Ontario, Canada-based company’s process has been simple: Eliminate mortgage planners from choosing their appraiser, thus ensuring independent, unbiased and fair reports.  … Read More

Infutor: Everything You Need To Know About Consumers

consumer data

With an increase in industry demand for targeting and scale, the ability to harness customers’ insights and turn data into effective action is pivotal to the success of any business. Not only will customer knowledge help you better shape products and services; it will potentially save you mounds of money misspent on unqualified leads and poor strategies.  Infutor Data Solutions … Read More

Opendoor is Revolutionizing Home Transactions

open door

Opendoor is a real estate technology service created for home buyers and sellers to simplify the experience of buying and selling a home. When a seller requests an offer for their home, Opendoor uses market data and information provided by the seller to present an offer. The seller then reviews the offer, and if they approve, Opendoor will complete the … Read More

CoreLogic Streamlines Workflows For Mortgage and Real Estate

mortgage workflow

CoreLogic develops technology applications and platforms that streamline workflow for mortgage lenders and services, capital market investors and real estate sales professionals. The company’s cloud-based loan origination and asset management platforms offer the flexibility and convenience of secure, on-demand, access-anywhere computing.  CoreLogic provides financial, property and consumer information, analytics and business intelligence. It analyzes information assets and data to provide … Read More

Cloudvirga Makes Applying Online Easy

online mortgage application

Cloudvirga’s intuitive POS systems provide a user-friendly platform for consumers to do most of the work in completing their application for a home loan. Cloudvirga offers a simple, mobile-friendly program that allows borrowers to: Complete a mortgage application Check their credit score Use a dynamic borrower needs list to determine what is needed from them to complete the loan process … Read More