Hire a Virtual Marketing Team

“I don’t have time.” That’s a refrain heard from the mouths of most successful loan officers at some point. The reason for this is simple: There are a million things to do each day. The seemingly never-ending list includes calls to make, emails to return, loans to structure, teams to coordinate, agents to meet, and so much more. What inevitably … Read More

What is A Mortgage CDP?

mortgage cdp

One of the best ways for mortgage professionals to become a competitive force in the industry is providing their clients with exceptional service. Intent Homebuying Marketing Intelligence is a powerful digital marketing tool with the heart of a CDP that will become your most valuable asset for providing your customers and business partners with exemplary service. What Exactly Is A … Read More

The Cost Effectiveness of a CDP vs. An In-House Marketing Team

mortgage cdp

When it comes to building business and succeeding in a competitive mortgage or real estate market, content marketing is crucial. But at what cost? Content marketing requires more than a team of one to get the job done effectively. Several unique skill sets must come together to produce results that will drive lead generation.  A full-fledged marketing team could cost … Read More