Home Captain Is Bridging Gaps In The Mortgage Industry

digital real estate

Home Captain is a technology-enabled real estate platform that helps guide prospective home buyers through the home buying process, giving value to both mortgage banks and real estate agents while also delivering excellence in helping customers become homeowners. Through a concierge service team, Home Captain matches the home buyer with a real estate agent in its curated network. The concierge … Read More

BlueRush: Amplifying a Brand’s Digital Engagement

customer engagement

Boasting an impressive financial services industry tenure that has spanned more than three decades, BlueRush is a digital solutions company that grows and retains businesses by strategizing, conceptualizing, designing, developing and implementing engaging customer experiences.  The mission of BlueRush is to enable brands to more effectively communicate with their existing customers, prospects and internal staff, via mobile mechanisms and through … Read More

CoreLogic Streamlines Workflows For Mortgage and Real Estate

mortgage workflow

CoreLogic develops technology applications and platforms that streamline workflow for mortgage lenders and services, capital market investors and real estate sales professionals. The company’s cloud-based loan origination and asset management platforms offer the flexibility and convenience of secure, on-demand, access-anywhere computing.  CoreLogic provides financial, property and consumer information, analytics and business intelligence. It analyzes information assets and data to provide … Read More

Cloudvirga Makes Applying Online Easy

online mortgage application

Cloudvirga’s intuitive POS systems provide a user-friendly platform for consumers to do most of the work in completing their application for a home loan. Cloudvirga offers a simple, mobile-friendly program that allows borrowers to: Complete a mortgage application Check their credit score Use a dynamic borrower needs list to determine what is needed from them to complete the loan process … Read More

Matic: Providing ‘Effortless Insurance For Your Home’

home insurance

Mortgage Partnering with lenders and servicers to greatly simplify the homeowners insurance process, Matic is a fully licensed, independent insurance agency that dramatically reduces the time required to get a policy secured and in place.  Through a collaborative effort that also includes a borrower’s mortgage planner and multiple insurance carriers, Matic works to find the best policy for the customer … Read More

Rocket Appraise Makes The Homebuying Process Easier

digital appraisal

Rocket Appraise, quite simply, connects mortgage lenders with appraisers. With the ability to unearth thousands of innovative appraisers with an easy click of a button, Rocket Appraise pairs mortgage planners and borrowers with appraisers who are ready and waiting to inspect a home — and don’t want to waste any time getting the job done.  Here are the key features … Read More

Intentional Marketing Technologies for Mortgage and Real Estate

intentional marketing technologies

Mortgage marketing has for decades had a difficult time finding its way, and that has certainly been true when it comes to modern marketing platforms and social media advertising. With many smaller brands unable to compete against mortgage giants such as Quicken or larger banks such as Wells Fargo or Bank of America, marketing and sales are based heavily on … Read More

Notarize Streamlines The Closing For Mortgage Professionals

digital notary

Notarize is a platform that legally executes remote online notarization. For the mortgage industry, this platform enables an online closing process by eliminating a major point of frustration: having to go see the Notary. Through any web-enabled desktop or laptop with a webcam, or via an iPhone, Android or iPad, Notarize’s service enables a face-to-face meeting with a Notary Public, … Read More

Homebuyers Want More Digitized Experience, Without Sacrificing the Basics

digital homebuying

Consumers crave a faster, more digitized mortgage experience — just not at the expense of losing a mortgage planner’s personal touch.  That was the overarching takeaway from a recently released special report in Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey (NHS), as reported at mortgagenewsdaily.com.  The NHS, which polls a large panel of consumers each month to gauge attitudes toward housing and … Read More

Spruce Up Your Mortgage Title Company

mortgage title

Spruce is a software solution that streamlines the title insurance process for home mortgages, allowing borrowers to have an easier closing. Built from the ground up, Spruce provides title and settlement services that empower mortgage lenders to efficiently close home loans and deliver an excellent customer experience for the home buyer. Spruce is the only title company with its own … Read More