Facebook Pixel Is Changing Mortgage Marketing

facebook pixel

Facebook is ever changing how we market our businesses, making it crucial that we stay ahead of the curve. While Facebook advertising can seem daunting, understanding the platform and all the evolving features can be very powerful to your mortgage marketing. What is Facebook pixel? Facebook pixel is a code that is placed on a website allowing users to track … Read More

Digital Profiles are Better Than a Notebook When Building Your Database

digital profile

Most industries are experiencing an increase in technological innovation, and mortgage origination is no exception. The request for digital solutions to basic inconveniences spans from this generation of millennial back to even baby boomer loan officers desiring a simpler way to automate their basic tasks. The significant growth of electronic communication will only continue to escalate, and it is important … Read More

Lender Price Is Changing The Mortgage Technology Game For Loan Originators

mortgage technology

How do mortgage planners go about finding a fair price on a mortgage loan? Lender Price, a big-data digital lending platform and mortgage technology innovator powered by machine-learning algorithms, offers the perfect solution. Billed as the “most flexible pricing engine on the market” and based in Pasadena, California, Lender Price offers an “openly accessible marketplace” for mortgage planners to price … Read More

Value Connect is Reshaping The Home Appraisal Process

home appraisal

Built for and by real estate industry experts, Value Connect makes the real estate appraisal process better and easier for mortgage lenders, appraisers, brokers and their clients.  Since Value Connect was launched in 2015, the core idea behind the Ontario, Canada-based company’s process has been simple: Eliminate mortgage planners from choosing their appraiser, thus ensuring independent, unbiased and fair reports.  … Read More

NotaryCam is Simplifying Home Closings

home closing

NotaryCam is an online software company that allows users to legally and digitally notarize documents using professionally licensed and certified notaries. Users follow a simple process of uploading a document online, then requesting a live eNotary. Once the user’s identity has been verified, the document can be signed through eSign. The notary then uses eNotarize to notarize the document, and … Read More

Built Is Revolutionizing Construction Lending

home construction

As the leading software for construction lenders, Built is designed to mitigate risk and simplify construction loan management. Not only does Built connect everyone involved in the post-closing administration processes; it automates manual processes and reporting.  Using both a desktop and mobile app, Built creates unique workflows that cater to all types of construction loan products for a seamless transaction. … Read More

Infutor: Everything You Need To Know About Consumers

consumer data

With an increase in industry demand for targeting and scale, the ability to harness customers’ insights and turn data into effective action is pivotal to the success of any business. Not only will customer knowledge help you better shape products and services; it will potentially save you mounds of money misspent on unqualified leads and poor strategies.  Infutor Data Solutions … Read More

Opendoor is Revolutionizing Home Transactions

open door

Opendoor is a real estate technology service created for home buyers and sellers to simplify the experience of buying and selling a home. When a seller requests an offer for their home, Opendoor uses market data and information provided by the seller to present an offer. The seller then reviews the offer, and if they approve, Opendoor will complete the … Read More

Docutech Streamlines and Expedites The Digital Mortgage Experience

digital mortgage

Founded in 1991, Docutech provides document technology solutions for home equity and consumer lending that aim to streamline and simplify financial transactions for consumers and mortgage lenders. As a trusted leader in dynamic document creation, generation, delivery and eSign technology, Docutech delivers unsurpassed service as well as innovative and compliant solutions to help mortgage professionals better serve their customers. Additionally, … Read More

Mortgage Coach Helps Mortgage Professionals Succeed

mortgage coach

“Mortgage Coach, a suite of mortgage technology solutions, helps mortgage professionals improve conversation with customers and increase production. Through a mobile device, loan officers can offer a complete and personalized mortgage lending experience to their customers by delivering graphs, charts, videos and audio recordings viewable anywhere. These tools can then be updated in real-time to provide the borrower with the … Read More