Mortgage Customer Journeys

What happens from the moment a person decides they want to buy a home? What are the buyer’s thoughts, fears and worries? Where do they turn for advice — friends, family members or online search? How can you be the trusted source of lending information and be in front of them at the right time with the right message?

All paid search and lead generation gurus want you to believe that they have the secret recipe for finding you leads, but anyone who has purchased leads knows the game only too well. The reality is that leads are expensive, not exclusive and require true relationship development. 

Put yourself in the potential buyer’s shoes. The buyer simply fills out an application, provides their contact information and presses enter. Within minutes, their phone is ringing, their email is blowing up and texts are coming to their phone. How do they know which lender to choose among the many pitching their services? What makes your strategy different?

  1. Start with data. Know to whom you are marketing. 
  2. Understand the buyer’s goals and speak to them about the possibilities of the home in their future.
  3. Create a vision that is realistic and create a true partnership with them as their lender.
  4. Warn the buyer that many others will try to contact them. Possible suitors include everyone from those who will still be looking at them as a lead, to those who will buy their data once their credit is pulled. Give your prospective buyer the chance to opt out of that contact cycle.
  5. Be true to the plan and start educating a buyer on everything they will experience in searching for a home, buying a home and becoming homeowners.
  6. Let them have the easiest path possible when applying for the loan and giving you documents.
  7. Work in tandem with your buyer’s real estate agent to prepare your buyer for everything they will need to do for the move.
  8. Let the buyer feel as though they are guided but in control.
  9. Solicit their feedback after closing, with the goal of building your reviews.
  10. Continue to pour into that relationship with good information after the move.

We have pioneered successful mortgage companies along this customer journey for years, and we know what it takes to make homebuyers feel respected, heard and understood. Intent will make your customers feel like you are the best communicator in the mortgage industry.