Outsourcing Mortgage Marketing and Technology

All marketing departments have the best of intentions for allowing their loan originators to use personalized marketing. However, the steady demand for fliers and other requests can keep loan officers from focusing on some of the bigger strategies and goals required by their company to build business.

Luckily, marketing can be easily outsourced because companies such as Intent truly understand mortgage marketing and will analyze current strategies and technology stacks as well as examine brand awareness to create a true plan for growth.

Intent — at the enterprise level — studies common practices and processes, consults with marketing and IT groups for input and expertise, automates best intentions, and creates a fantastic solution that is as effective as it is streamlined. This solution is also simple to use and adaptable for growth and emerging technologies. 

Intent’s process:

  1.  Assess technologies being utilized within the organization
  2.  Poll and interview leaders to see what current technologies are valuable and used
  3.  Construct framework for a branded end-to-end solution 
  4.  Suggest architecture for a best-in-class solution
  5.  Build custom automations, workflows, reporting and oversight
  6.  Create marketing content and graphics to merge messaging across platforms
  7.  Generate lead funnels and scoring, according to needs
  8.  Produce websites, landing pages, Facebook ads, Google ads, retargeting platforms and SEO
  9. Integrate all digital marketing components 
  10. Review compliance and security 
  11. Test and deploy a system
  12. Train all employees

Whether you are a broker shop that needs a brand, a voice, a website and a strategy for growth, or you are a mortgage company looking to cut costs by outsourcing your mortgage marketing, Intent can create a custom plan that will make you successful.