Personalization is the New Mortgage Marketing Buzzword

Marketing to your database requires segmenting your audiences appropriately and creating individual messaging plans for each segment. So often, mortgage marketing strategies try to cast too wide of a net. The message doesn’t resonate with the target recipient because you cannot speak to a past customer, potential customer and referral partner the same way. 

Segmenting audiences and creating individualized emails or texting help you show that you are listening to and engaging the contact. 

First-time homebuyers, for example, should receive messaging created for their timeline in the rental cycle. Using database intelligence will also allow you to see if your lead has their credit pulled by another mortgage professional and will ping you when this happens.

Those with credit issues to resolve should be on a game plan that teaches them how to create positive credit habits. Once that credit score is healthy, your technology platform should ping you and the customer to let you both know it’s time to buy a home.

Closed loans should have monitoring to uncover opportunities to eliminate PMI or let the mortgage team know it’s time for a refinance. 

Regardless of the recipient, messages should be personalized with the contact’s name, their goals and your combined strategy. The messages should also be automated so you can close loans instead of having to worry about follow-up. 

Target marketing that is personal and solves problems is what we do best. Communicate better and close more loans.