Mortgage Technology Integrations

A new technology emerges seemingly every day in the mortgage industry that promises to deliver an incredible, industry-disrupting, holy grail system ready to transform the way business is done. Such novelties are wonderful — as long as the loan officer or mortgage broker takes the time to master the technology. And as long as the technology is supported by experts who can integrate it seamlessly into the customer journey and — lest we forget — create the content and customer messaging that allow that technology to be an intracule part of the loan process.

Let’s look at some of the main pieces of the puzzle:

Lead Generation Problems –Lead Gen sources overpromise the quality of leads, underwhelm (for the most part) on the delivery and then wait for the LO to act.

Lead Generation Solutions –Find real, actionable leads with a professional company that delivers legal and warm leads integrated with a follow-up strategy for each lead.

CRM Problems – Become a marketing and tech expert without compliance oversight and build your own adventure.

CRM Solutions –Take advantage of plug-and-play marketing, opportunities delivered directly, and a game plan and strategy for each buyer with mapped out customer journeys.

POS Problems –Learn a new technology and deliver promised results that make their fee worth leaving Encompass behind.

POS Solutions – Use out-of-the-box, easy-to-understand platforms with a small learning curve that makes the customer application process simple.

At Intent, we understand that lenders of the future will rely on piecing together data from a variety of sources that will give lenders a clear picture of their mortgage applicants and help them know and understand buyers’ goals in the timeframe that works for buyers’ needs and creates a specific path to homeownership for each applicant. Having the pieces integrate to make this happen isn’t easy. But that’s where Intent comes in.