Mortgage Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing, or ABM, is the easiest way for mortgage brokers or mortgage companies to create meaningful marketing campaigns without the benefit of a full-time marketing department. ABM has surged in popularity across all professional fields over the past few years because it allows personal branding and individual customer experience to take center stage at a relatively low price point.

ABM is especially beneficial in a scenario where, for example, a mortgage professional is licensed in different states and wants to share with first-time homebuyers the opportunities for down payment assistance programs specific to each state. With ABM, a customer journey can be crafted for each. 

Technology plays a large part in how opportunities from ABM are applied. Using a mortgage CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) or CDP (Customer Data Platform) is only one piece of the proverbial puzzle. Creating workflows with a deep understanding of the customer and their homeownership goals, as well as determining the length of the homeowner’s journey and truly giving information that is timely and valuable are what turn a lead into a loan. 

There should always be alignment among your sales, marketing and technology teams, and companies like Intent show you exactly how to do that without having to hire a large staff. Take your mortgage marketing to the next level; you owe it to yourself to think bigger and better.