Intent Marketing Employee Spotlight – Molly Griffin

employee spotlight

Name: Molly Griffin

Start Date: September 2014

Position: Chief Content Strategist 

Brief overview of what you do: All things marketing and creative. Content creation, content management and digital marketing of all sorts. I help create and oversee the content that is provided to users by Intent. So, whether it is graphics, blog articles or campaign emails, I use my creative expertise to guide most of the mortgage marketing materials generated by our company.

What brought you to Intent: I came into this position almost straight out of college as Kelly’s marketing assistant. During that time, Motivator was just beginning to spread its wings, and I was able to witness and be part of the development of both companies from the ground up.

What you like most about working at Intent: The environment here is everything. Our team is a family working within an industry that is constantly changing, and that makes each day fun and exciting. We also have a very laid-back and fun office environment with a work-hard, play-hard mentality. 

Hometown: I was born in Palm Beach Gardens, FL but spent most of my time growing up outside of Greenville, SC.

Hobbies: I grew up riding horses, so whenever I have the opportunity to be around them, I really enjoy that. Most of the time, my hobbies include exercising (running, spin, barre), trying new restaurants, spending time with friends and family, and walking and playing with my dog. I also love to paint and do crafty things when I have the time.

Book you’ve read over and over again: I’m not sure that I’ve ever read anything over and over again, and I don’t read a ton these days. But I love a good podcast!

Top 3 movies: I think everyone in our office can tell you that I’m not a huge movie person. I am, however, a crime show and documentary junkie. Evil Genius,The People vs. O.J Simpson, and True Detective (Season 1) have been some of my favorites. 

A bit about your family: I am an only child and a third-generation Clemson grad. My immediate family is made of Tigers through and through! I have family all over the East Coast, but none here in Charlotte, where I live with my boyfriend and our dog, Heidi, and an amazing family of friends!

Favorite food: Breakfast food, a good cheese board, tacos. Do I really have to choose?

Thing you’re scared of: The dark and mice (GROSS!)

Dream vacation: Anywhere tropical. I have also always wanted to go to Greece.

Favorite cocktail: Moscow Mule (the gingerier the better!) & red wine 

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