is Making it Easier to Find and Buy Property

Billed as the nation’s leading platform for connecting sellers of residential bank-owned and foreclosure properties with everyday buyers, has helped investors purchase over $39 billion in real estate properties since the website launched about 11 years ago.

The process of using to find your next real estate property investment couldn’t be much simpler. Prospective buyers get started by creating a free user account and then searching a robust database that features more than 30,000 properties — all at a discounted rate. 

When you find a property or home that catches your eye and makes you take a second look, click “start” and “save” on the dashboard. The more properties a potential buyer bookmarks on the site, the more relevant their personal auction recommendations become.

You can research and view property information reports and other documents on the property details page. If you are participating in an in-person auction, event details such as date, time, location, and what to bring to the auction are also available to view.

To bid in an online auction, first click “register for auction” and follow the subsequent prompts. To place an online bid, log into your account, locate the property from your dashboard and enter your bid amount. Once you’ve placed your bid, you can track the auction directly from your dashboard. If you win an auction, be sure to submit your information so can generate a contract and send it straight to the seller.

The contracting and closing team is always ready to help guide you through the purchasing and closing processes. boasts a support team of more than 1,000 agents offering online and in-person assistance.

Through, investors gain a deep collection of property data, increased interaction with sellers, extensive education, time-saving services and more, to help them find real estate deals and maximize returns.

With nine locations across five states (California, Texas, New Jersey, Nevada and Arizona), claims some 4.4 million registered users along with some 329,000 properties sold to date, and more than 15,000 annual auctions across the 50 U.S. states.

Learn more about by visiting the website’s Help Center or Contact page. 

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