Intent Employee Spotlight – Ben Thornburg

From Day One, Ben Thornburg has been an integral part of building Intent’s background. Ben came to the project with a wealth of digital marketing and CRM knowledge and helped create both Motivator CRM and Intent’s dynamic lead and customer journey platform.

Name: Ben Thornburg

Start Date: September 2014

Position: CIO

Brief overview of what you do: My job is to take the ideas of the visionary and translate that creativity into actionable strategies that the development team can understand and improve upon.

What brought you to Intent: The challenge of a new project partnered with one of the smartest people I have ever met

What you like most about working at Intent: The best part of working here is by far the people I work with. Every day, I am surrounded by my three closest friends, and even when days are very stressful, we laugh all the time.

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Hobbies: Camping, muddin’ in a Jeep, hiking, cooking

Book you’ve read over and over again: I don’t think I’ve ever read a book twice.

Top 3 movies: The Life Aquatic, Three Amigos, Being John Malkovich

A bit about your family: I have five siblings, two moms, two dads and a dog named Lucy

Favorite food: A falafel wrap, but it has to have house-made pickles on it

Thing you’re scared of: Climate change

Worst habit: Randomly breaking out in song

Dream vacation: Driving in the Chilean mountains

Favorite cocktail: G&T