RCM Helps Get The Most Out of Mortgage Insurance

RCM Mortgage Insurance

Easily and perhaps often misunderstood, mortgage insurance is just another layer of security to shield lenders against a loss and is generally only required if a borrower puts down less than 20% on a property. If you are a mortgage servicer filing for insurance claims, navigating insurance policies can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially if you want to get every dollar possible through the claims process.

When considering the potential pitfalls that can lead to the curtailment or even denial of coverage, your best bet sometimes is to entrust the task to a hazard claims provider who can help you recover as much as possible.  Rutledge Claims Management specializes in filing and adjusting hazard claims, including mortgage insurance claims. Formerly known as The Law Offices of Thomas W. Rutledge, APC, the Poway, California-based company rebranded in 2017 as RCM and reorganized as a licensed public adjuster firm. The business says it has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients over the past two decades.

RCM offers claims management, dispute resolution, negotiations, regulatory compliance and litigation monitoring. Other services include mortgage insurance claim appeals; integration of hazard claims workflow and the repair process to accelerate claim recoveries; tracking claim milestones and daily data feed to clients through proprietary claims tracking software; and customized reporting to clients on over 700 fields of data.

RCM takes pride in its legal background and experience in monitoring timelines and tracking statutes of limitations — all in an effort to ensure a fast and effective claims resolution. Click here to learn more.

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