QR Codes Are Making A Big Push In Mortgage Marketing

QR Code Mortgage

Perhaps you have heard that artificial intelligence (AI) is making its way into every industry at an extreme speed. While AI is undoubtedly a game-changer for every business, many people fail to take full advantage of the simple tools now available. QR codes are among the tools that have been in the shadows for decades but not fully integrated, despite their many uses. Some marketers have at times even declared QR codes to be “dead.”

However, QR codes have picked up steam and become more commonly utilized as Snapchat and Facebook have breathed new life into the once-ailing technology. Examples of QRs now abound. If you want to add someone as a friend or unlock filters, you can just point your Snapchat camera at a Snapcode instead of typing in a username. More recently, QR code-based payment capabilities within the Starbucks app have risen in popularity.\n\nIn real estate, QR codes come with several potential perks. Below are three creative ways to use these square-shaped barcodes for your benefit.

    1. Increase Conversions

When it comes to lead generation, you don’t want to miss out on any opportunity. If somebody sees your ad, it is wise to have more than one channel for your prospect to get in touch. By including a QR code on your ads, you may redirect leads to your landing page and drive more conversions. QR codes can also be set up to dial a direct number instantly.

    1. Provide More Information

While yard signs are great for getting the message out, they do not provide prospective buyers with much information on the property. With QR stickers on your listing signs, you can direct buyers to a page for more details, share location, list all your other nearby properties, and upload pictures or even a video tour of the property.

    1. Download Your Mobile Application

By simply scanning your QR code, potential buyers are taken directly to your App Store page for easy download. You can attach the code to your emails, for example. Ready to jump on the QR code bandwagon? Check out the following tools that are both simple and free: QR Stuff  QR Code Generator Kawya QR Code