Intent Employee Spotlight: Kelly Yale

Kelly Yale

Homebuying Marketing Intelligence, we put our best foot forward each day to help mortgage planners build their businesses. However, we would be nowhere without our fearless leader, Kelly Yale. As the founder of Intent, Kelly spends her days wearing many hats — from fostering ideas that cultivate the growth of our company, to guiding our team in the right direction, to everything in between. Learn a little more about Kelly today!

Start Date: Does this question work if I started the company?

Position: Owner, Chief Troublemaker, Storyteller, Master of Schmoozing, Caramel Corn MasterChef

Brief overview of what you do: I set the vision for the company, work with our phenomenal integration partners and help guide our incredibly talented team toward helping those we serve. Plus, I am able to hang out and learn from outstanding mortgage and real estate professionals who become friends.

What brought you to Intent: I started both Motivator and Intent. Motivator began in 2014, while Intent began in 2018.

What do you like most about working at Intent: I love watching the spirit of the team that works so hard every day to make this platform the best it can be. And I cherish the stories from the people who use our system, which has changed the course of their careers.

Hometown: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Hobbies: I travel a lot for work and try to take at least one day on a weekend to enjoy the place where I am working. I keep trying to get back into latch hooking; I know it’s coming back. I also collect workout clothes, though it’s less intentional and more hoarding.

Book you’ve read over and over again: Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

Top 5 movies: Dead Poets Society, Immortal Beloved, Shakespeare in Love, The Family Stone, and The Princess Bride (Even I am judging myself, but I’m not sorry.)

A bit about your family: Lucky enough to be married to a fantastic banker named Matt. I have two sons — a giant (6’4”) 16-year-old named Ryan and a very rascally 13-year-old named Josh.

Favorite food: At the end of 2018, our president, Devin Rambo, made me start really eating good sushi, and I am pretty sure he ruined me.\n\nThing you’re scared of: Palmetto bugs

Worst habit: Thinking it’s easier to read my mind than it is

Dream vacation: I went to Kauai last year, and everything I do every day is working toward buying my retirement life there.

Favorite cocktail: Pomegranate or pineapple Martini