How to Reply to Comments on Social Media

social media comments

Exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of most successful brands. When using social media to promote your brand, it is important to utilize it as a two-way channel of communication. Take the time to reply to comments, good and bad, in an effort to retain existing customers and win new business.\n\nReplying to comments should be an integral piece of your social media strategy. By interacting with “friends” and followers, you can make a connection with your target market as well as provide great customer service through social comments.

When replying to comments, make sure to sound personable and approachable. Use comments as an opportunity to create a rapport and portray your personal brand as friendly and helpful. It likely goes without saying, but when interacting with customers, always use their names. This will make you sound more personable and approachable to current and future clients.  Without losing your personal touch, make sure your comment replies are consistent with the voice of your brand.

It is also important to reply quickly, which will help make you appear interested while making your customers feel valued.  Some negative comments are almost inevitable on social media platforms, and the best way to combat these is to engage with the customer in hopes of deescalating the situation. Apologize to the customer and let them know you are happy to reach out directly and offer a solution to the problem.