Loan Officers’ Online Presence is Crucial to Mortgage Success

Online Reputation

Forty-three percent of respondents to a recent National Mortgage News survey found their 2018 mortgage lender through an online search. In the same survey from 2017, only 21% of respondents found their mortgage lender through an online search. If this trend continues, over half of this year’s prospective homebuyers will find their mortgage lender online.\n\nFor mortgage planners, an online presence with correct and up-to-date information is crucial to success. According to National Mortgage News, technology company Yext found that within its online presence, 64% of loan officers listed incorrect addresses while 46% had errors in their businesses’ names. Meanwhile, almost 58% of the loan officers surveyed had no online presence at all. Ensuring that profiles are created on social media platforms and that information is up to date and reviews are solicited can greatly increase loan officers’ visibility in online searches. A website with strong SEO is very important as well.