What is A Mortgage CDP?

mortgage cdp

One of the best ways for mortgage professionals to become a competitive force in the industry is providing their clients with exceptional service. Intent Homebuying Marketing Intelligence is a powerful digital marketing tool with the heart of a CDP that will become your most valuable asset for providing your customers and business partners with exemplary service.

What Exactly Is A CDP?

A CDP is defined as a Customer Data Platform that primarily offers automated marketing and sales force automation. However, the goal of a successful mortgage CDP is to use technology software to manage all your business relationships and interactions with current and potential customers. A CDP system is valuable to your business because it will not only help your business grow; it will help you balance and keep up with an ever-increasing number of referrals, contacts, leads and Realtors.

Why Does Your Business Need A Mortgage CDP?

Most mortgage companies that use CDP software find it very beneficial because it leads to increased awareness and outstanding customer retention. A CDP captures detailed information about your customers and their behaviors, pointing you to the right target market, product development and activities for your particular client. Your business needs a CDP to make your company more efficient and to increase revenue per loan officer. This software will allow your business to succeed in many ways and result in consistently successful closings.

Why Intent?

Here at Intent, we care about our clients and make sure they have the best support. Intent is a complete digital marketing platform with the heart of a CDP. We specialize in relationship building, sales management, email marketing, website development and shareable content. Intent carefully generates leads and is designed to make marketing easy.