Why Are Mortgage Newsletters Important For Building Relationships?

One of the best ways for companies to interact with customers is staying in touch with them on a weekly basis and building firm customer relationships. Mortgage newsletters are an extremely beneficial marketing tool that provides regular communication and keeps your clients up to date on the latest news.

Intent Home buying Marketing Intelligence, a digital mortgage marketing company, utilizes informative and effective mortgage newsletters to help you stay in contact with business partners and prospects looking to secure home purchase loans or refinance.  Newsletters are a great way to increase awareness, acquire more business with future and former customers, educate prospects, shorten the sales process, and much more. Regular communication is a must-have in the mortgage industry to make the loan process go more smoothly and allow your buyers to become comfortable working with you. Intent newsletters are designed and written with your customers and partners in mind. Here are some ways that newsletters will be a valuable marketing tool for your business:

Educate Prospects And Real Estate Agents

Each newsletter sent by Intent has beneficial information targeted to a specific market. Users can assign their closed borrowers to consumer newsletters about topics such as home improvement, ways to decorate a home for the holidays, and how to keep a home safe. Additionally, users can assign Realtor newsletters that give their business partners information on topics such as how to generate leads, improve social media accounts and provide updates on mortgage rates.

Strengthen Relationships

It is extremely important to have an effective communication tool for keeping in touch with your customers, especially if you want to build strong relationships with them. Intent newsletters give you the ability to keep your buyers engaged with your business during all seasons of the year. Reaching out to clients with helpful and informative content keeps you top of mind, prompting them to reach out to you if needed.

Close More Loans

Newsletters are a great communication tool that fits your audience’s needs and keeps your audience educated about the loan process. The more newsletters you send out, the more people will pay attention to your messages and help you receive a higher overall return. Our newsletters provide great value, even beyond sales, by offering your customers content relevant to them. Potential buyers are more likely to close a loan with someone whom they trust and find loyal. Newsletters are a fantastic way to build that loyalty.