Facebook Releases New Features for Pages and Groups

Facebook says its Page owners will soon have the ability to participate in Facebook Groups. Additionally, Facebook has introduced new posting and commenting management tools for administrators of Facebook Groups.

Previously, Facebook Page accounts couldn’t participate in Groups. However, in the coming weeks, Pages will gain that access. Facebook has been testing the feature with health and fitness company Peloton, which says it has helped with group engagement. This feature is part of a Facebook initiative to bring more brands and advertisers to Groups. Facebook has previously released features that allow Page owners to create Groups connected to their pages as well as give some Groups access to Facebook Pixel to support this initiative.

Along with Pages participating in Groups, Facebook is adding new post formatting tools and Group management tools. One of the new features allows page admins to alert users who have violated page rules. Additionally, group admins will be able to filter activity logs and search membership requests.

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