How Does a Mortgage CDP Help You Market?

One of the main goals of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) system is helping loan officers establish better relationships with existing customers and recruit prospective customers. Most mortgage professionals are missing out on opportunities to retain clients and close more loans, and this is where Intent Homebuying Marketing Intelligence can become very helpful. As a mortgage CDP system, Intent will enable you to never fall short of your sales goals and provide you with efficient marketing tools designed to accurately measure where you need to improve.

One of the best uses of a mortgage CDP is engaging with clients on a personal level. Intent allows mortgage professionals to take informed actions — based on the amount of information you have on clients — that will boost client satisfaction. Using a CDP to market will provide your business with various marketing tools, including personalized emails, targeted campaigns, timely follow-ups and newsletters. Collectively, these tools and others made possible by a CDP will increase your customer satisfaction and improve sales.

Personalized Emails

CDP databases are filled with timely and effective information that allows you to connect with your clients in meaningful ways and gain valuable insights. When loan officers reach out to their customers on a personal level and demonstrate a caring attitude about the mortgage process, clients are more comfortable closing a loan and will enjoy a better overall customer experience. With a CDP, every email sent to a client will have their name on it and include specific information that offers a personal touch.

Targeted Campaigns

The targeted approach used by Intent will help loan officers meet customers’ needs faster and communicate better with clients over the long haul. Intent generates a wide variety of email campaigns for customers and business partners, designed to turn prospects into customers. These campaigns will help your clients understand the process they are going through, and prospective buyers will be very thankful for the time and the effort you put into helping them.

In-Process Emails

Intent sends notification emails to your borrowers, co-borrowers, listing agents and selling agents about the milestones reached and the progress achieved in the loan process. We send these emails out automatically on your behalf, which allows you to focus on creating more business instead of having to explain the process yourself.


Marketing through newsletters is a great way to engage clients with product-focused content. Intent users have the option to send out newsletters that provide clients with information they can use during the loan process, as well as good general information about their home. Intent sends out monthly newsletters to your past and current clients and real estate partners, all on your behalf. Things move much faster when loan officers have instant information on potential deals, marketing campaigns and updates.