The Intent Methodology For Nurturing Mortgage Leads

lead nurture

Intent Home buying Marketing Intelligence provides excellent mortgage marketing communication and follow-up to keep your buyers engaged before, during and after the home loan process. By combining mortgage marketing with a logical yet simple process, we will help guide your leads through their best home loan experience. Here is how Intent makes it easy to turn a prospective costumer into a lifelong client:

    1. Leads – Intent integrates with numerous online lead generation systems and ensures that your leads are nurtured to their full potential. Within the system, you can score leads and infer customer needs to ensure borrowers are placed on the homebuyer mortgage marketing campaign that is right for them.
    1. Marketing Plan – Based on the customer interests and behaviors you gather, Intent will create a marketing strategy to best nurture that lead.
    1. Intuitive Marketing – Using multiple forms of communication, Intent helps you keep in contact with your customers to educate and inform them in a way that is catered to their specific home buying scenario.
    1. Application Process – Intent helps send your leads to the appropriate application portal and allows you to guide them through the application process, ensuring they are starting their home loan process with all the correct and necessary information.
    1. Educational Campaigns – Intent offers a wide variety of email nurture campaigns intended to build relationships and educate homebuyers based on their unique situations. These campaigns will provide buyers with relevant information and help cultivate a personal relationship between them and you.
    1. Customer Experience – During the loan process, the customer will be notified of milestones reached and progress achieved on their loan. This shows you are staying in touch with your customer and understand the importance of keeping them informed about the process.
    1. Client For Life – Users can add closed borrowers to the Consumer Monthly Newsletter, which offers fun and educational information (unrelated to home loans) that your clients will always find useful.
    1. Database – Intent allows you to stay in touch with your customers after they have moved into their new home. The Intent platform also helps keep an eye on leads in your database who may be designated as a “not yet.”

Intent is a tool that is carefully built and designed to grow your mortgage business. With excellent communication and follow-up, you will be able to not only gain business from your closed borrowers in the future, but also acquire business from their referrals.