How Does Intent Use Mortgage Marketing to Educate Buyers?

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Home buying Marketing Intelligence is more than a mortgage CDP system and digital mortgage marketing platform — it is a tool that will truly help grow your business. Today’s homebuyers are more educated than in the past, and they expect to learn more than ever about the home buying process. Everyone has questions, and Intent has the answers at the tips of your fingers.\n\nPurchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions someone will make in their lifetime, and the steps throughout the loan process can be even more complicated than they first seem. Between finding the right home, securing a mortgage, determining costs, and more, first-time homebuyers can become easily confused. Once the process begins, the buyer has many considerations.

Among them are getting pre-qualified, locking in mortgage rates, and sorting through loan processing and appraisals. You can probably see how this can easily overwhelm a homebuyer, but this is where Intent comes into the picture and makes a difference.\n\nThe Intent platform creates timely mortgage marketing communication that keeps your clients up to date throughout their home buying decision process. This is accomplished in part by Intent’s use of email nurture campaigns to educate potential buyers before the loan process even starts. Intent offers a wide variety of campaigns — broken into multiple categories — that focus on both potential buyers and your business partners. These campaigns inform buyers on what they hope to purchase as well as how to handle the process, what to expect, and much more.

How does Intent educate homebuyers? By Teaching them how to become successful homebuyers  Most buyers are completely surprised when it comes to purchasing their first home. Getting the loan in place is one of the most stressful parts of the process. You will need to help your borrowers figure out the kind of home they can afford based on their income, and guide them through expenses, sources of down payment and other financial data. Once they understand how to do this, their nerves are calmer, and they can prepare for the next step.

Allowing them to understand their credit scores  The most important step for homebuyers is knowing their credit score. This will determine whether they qualify for a mortgage, and it sheds light on the loan terms they will be offered. Potential buyers often must raise their score before purchasing a home, so it’s a huge benefit to help them fully understand how credit affects a lender’s decision.

Educating them on pre-qualification and pre-approval  Homebuyers need to know the kind of home for which they will qualify. Knowing their exact budget will save them time searching for a new home. Becoming pre-qualified or pre-approved shows sellers that buyers are serious about purchasing a home. Pre-approval will especially help buyers in competitive real estate markets and give them a good chance of getting approved for a loan.  Intent is a great tool for keeping buyers in the loop, because it lets them know that you care about their loan process and want to help them learn more.

Intent exceeds buyers’ expectations by having the answer before they can even ask the question, and if they do have questions, we have the answers they want to hear. Our loan officers are mortgage industry experts but having Intent as an additional tool can be a major benefit to both the loan officer and the homebuyer.\n\nIntent captures detailed information about your customers, which allows you to determine what your customers need to achieve their goal. Intent will help you cultivate the relationships you want and ensure your borrowers are getting the information they want when they need it most. Intent will help you become a more successful loan officer, and you certainly will not regret becoming an Intent user.