Social Media Content Strategy For Real Estate Agents

social media content

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, millennial homebuyers represent the largest age group among buyers, making up around 65%. Of those homebuyers, a whopping 99% use online sources in their home search. With these statistics in mind, it should be a no-brainer that real estate agents would be wise to use social media sites to market to their prospective buyers.  Knowing what to post on social media can be difficult but having a plan and a schedule can make managing your accounts much simpler. Follow the guidelines below to create your social media content schedule. 

Monday – Post neighborhood spotlights or new hot spots around town. Additionally, you could spotlight someone or something in your community. It’s important to show your followers that you are in touch with the neighborhoods that you work near. 

Tuesday – Give followers some real estate advice. Think of the most common homebuyer questions you receive and post information about them. You can even ask questions of your followers to engage them in conversation. 

Wednesday – Share home design trends. Choose a trend in home design, landscaping, décor, etc., and ask your followers to weigh in. Starting conversation with followers is an excellent way to drive traffic on your posts. 

Thursday – Share something personal. Posting about your life, family or even your office environment or work outing gives followers a glimpse into your life. Allowing people to see a more personal side humanizes your brand and makes you more relatable and approachable. 

Friday – Share some fun weekend events going on in your community. 

Saturday – Post about your real estate business. Promote listings and open houses or share closings with your followers. 

Sunday – Share a testimonial from a past client or business partner. You can use a graphic creation software such as Canva to make the post image.  When posting on social media platforms, remember that relevant, timely and consistent information is key. Try to post daily and find the most optimized time for each platform.

Also, remember to be flexible. If you have several open houses or closings to share, for example, switch out days on your posting schedule or post more than once per day.