How to Really Find Homebuyers

Every person has a certain tipping point when they are ready to make a big decision, be it choosing a college, offering a marriage proposal, buying a home, starting a family or something else. The future of marketing is being able to truly use data and behavior analytics to determine the right time to be in front of your buyers.

It’s also important to show up prepared to understand everything a customer needs. As a professional mortgage planner or real estate agent, you likely have a vast amount of experience in educating people once they are ready to purchase a home. However, you also need to be prepared to go about finding people before they have reached that point. You must be ready to truly help them understand the steps they will need to take to be ready to make that purchase.

At Intent, we know that anyone considering a home purchase needs a few things to happen before they reach the tipping point of making the move to actually buy a home.

    1. They need to have a “why” moment. Maybe they are simply ready to take the next step in life or they are financially secure. Or maybe they feel pressure to keep up with their friends or had an opportunity come their way that they can’t pass up. Or perhaps they unexpectedly found the house of their dreams. Whatever it might be, something causes their thoughts to shift about buying a home.
    2. They become intentional about not just looking at homes online or on an app but repeatedly viewing properties in the same area.
    3. Their mindset shifts into exploring neighborhoods, pinning interior design ideas on Pinterest, and perhaps even asking their social sphere questions about owning a home or referral advice.
    4. They trust this choice is the right choice and believe they have the means to make it happen.

Delivering the right messaging at the right time is a critical component of modern real estate and mortgage marketing. Knowing how to harness the power of data and re-targeting makes you a different kind of thought leader.