How Are You Following Up With Leads?

lead follow up

Let’s face it: In the mortgage and real estate worlds, the only word more overused than “digital” is LEADS! Everyone wants to talk about leads — where they are coming from, how to get better ones, when more are coming in, who is talking with my leads, and, most often, how to follow up with leads.

“Do you call?”

“Do you text?”

“Do you email?”

The constant questions and discussion about homebuyer leads are creating follow-up fatigue for those who work in the mortgage and real estate industries.

So, let’s settle this once and for all. Of course, we are going to believe that a CDP (customer data platform) will allow you to keep track of homebuyer leads effectively (as will a CRM), but it’s the way you follow up that sets you apart from the rest.

    1. Timing is EVERYTHING. You need to make contact and do so quickly and often. Having a plan to do that is actually going to make life a lot easier. Set your CDP up with built-in calls to voicemail, texts, videos and emails. You may be surprised how personal this can feel if you set them up the right way and schedule them appropriately.
    2. Keep notes on calls if they are completed or note any responses you receive. Once you establish contact with a buyer and understand their needs, you should have campaigns built around those buying preferences and life circumstances to individually speak to the needs of that buyer.
    3. Retarget your buyer through ads. Keep your brand in front of them.

Remember that a lead is a lead. Even if the customer is in a lease for another six months, have a plan to market just to them. Even if your customer has a low credit score, have a plan to market just to them. Lead success is all about the plan. If you ever need help creating your plans, Intent is here for you.