We Didn’t Name Our Company ‘Intent’ By Accident

Being intentional about how you approach your mortgage business is all the more important in the age of digital and block chain mortgages. When you focus on what makes your business work and your purpose is helping others, you then have set your intention.

Read the definitions below and consider how you feel about your job. If you have lost the drive or the passion, maybe that’s because you haven’t found the right system to support you in doing what you do best – helping people.

Intent is here to help you do more.

In-tent (noun): intent

  • intention or purpose
  • aim, purpose, intention, objective, object, goal, target, end;
  • synonyms: resolve, resolution, determination; wish, desire, ambition, idea, dream, aspiration, hope
  • resolved or determined to do (something).
  • bent, set, determined, insistent, fixed, resolved, hell-bent, keen; More\nfirm about, committed to
  • synonyms: single-minded about, inflexible about, obsessive about, obsessed with, fanatical about, fixated on; determined to, resolved to, anxious to, impatient to

In-ten-tion-al (adjective): intentional

  • done on purpose; deliberate.
  • intentional wrongdoing and harm
  • synonyms: deliberate, calculated, conscious, done on purpose, intended, planned, meant, considered, studied, knowing, willful, wanton, purposeful, purposive, purposed, premeditated, preplanned, thought out in advance, prearranged, preconceived, predetermined; More