Using Chatbots to Secure Mortgage Clients

When it comes to lead generation and building a client database, most marketing professionals agree that online forms are a great way to receive new clients. Many people may not realize that chatbots will likely replace contact and lead forms in the next few years. While it may feel odd at first to immediately engage a client instead of having a form hit your inbox, responses can be automated so your manual response time doesn’t drastically change, negatively affecting your routine.

Marketing funnels originate from numerous places, and the basic tool used in recent history is quickly growing outdated. With a chatbot, it’s possible to retain a customer while they’re still a visitor on your website, as opposed to hours later when they’ve left your domain and you would otherwise receive the completed form in your email inbox. Typically, someone is in the zone to move forward with their transaction if they are browsing your website and requesting more information. If a potential buyer is instead sent the same information after time has passed, even a few hours, the client can be in the mood to shop around instead of moving forward. A chatbot would provide you the upper hand in ensuring your availability during your prospect’s time of peak interest.

The main concern about turning a client form into a chatbot is the capture of information. However, many chatbots can record the information and integrate with your CRM or email client. From a designated location on your website, your potential borrower can begin a conversation that becomes a preliminary application. With results that prove effective, you can create an automated series of responses for the beginning part of the conversation, followed by a manual portion where you personally step in to complete the lead capture.

The full potential of lead capture lies in customer experience. With a bit of extra effort so your potential client believes they are receiving immediate and quality service, you can gain an estimated average of four times more business than you would with a static lead capture form on your website.