Turn Offline Engagements Into Online Conversions

Building an online presence is important in today’s mortgage marketing world, but it should not cloud the necessity of offline engagements. The trick is making sure to maintain a balance between in-person interactions and developing your brand on the internet. While your company and individual business value are perhaps most easily presented through in-person meetings and traditional advertising such as flyers or business cards, the reality is that most clients will take that information and use it to do more research online. The most successful business strategy in the modern real estate and mortgage industry is converting lunch meetings into automated email follow-up while maintaining a consistent brand value image both offline and online.

Initially, engaging a business client can be easily done through industry knowledge and charisma, but developing a lifelong business and referral partner is a more complex task. Connecting initially and pursuing a deeper-level connection require two different types of engagement. After you’ve established initial interest — whether through a direct conversation or a response to your physical advertisement — simple tips will ensure your social media and email efforts are fruitful.

By learning more about your prospective client or business partner, you can offer meaningful advice at best, and a supportive ear at the very least. Building trust through significant conversation will not only benefit the relationship but also provide insight on a subject that can be converted to a future blog, newsletter topic, or conversation starter on social media. Creating a shareable topic online can form new bonds and strengthen existing relationships. Make sure to truly listen, take note of each issue and response to your questions, and share your knowledge to ease any obstacles. If the question or concern is not something you can answer on the spot, offer to send over additional information in a follow-up email. Your persistence in providing information will improve the chances of getting a positive testimonial, and those recommendations can significantly boost your business prospects.