Download the Mobile App Equivalent of Uber for Mortgage Leads

When people think of successful mobile apps, Uber is perhaps one of the first that comes to mind. Through this shining example of technological advancement, some real estate and mortgage companies have attempted to create an Uber-like app to strengthen their relevance and reach. Where Uber pairs passengers with drivers, these apps connect clients and borrowers with loan officers and real estate agents. Here are a couple of mortgage and real estate apps worth checking out:


Using the non-traditional model of Uber’s independent drivers, Real seeks to allow Realtors to function more like their own boss and contractor. After signing up for this service, licensed Realtors are provided free “leads” as potential homebuyers are paired with a Realtor based on chosen criteria. With no referral-fee charges, Realtors retain more from each sale. In addition, the app enables Realtors to keep up with homebuying trends. Particularly for agents who have frequent home showings and travel to different offices to meet clients, this mobile app is a perfect way to work on the go.

Mortgage Lead

With a growing database of interested borrowers, Mortgage Lead allows both the client and the lender to enter information that will be used to create a perfect match. After submitting their product offerings and licensed locations, lenders can target specific borrowers based on additional search criteria. This advanced filtering technology delivers successful leads at an efficient rate.

Uber itself has also joined with Realtors to assist in house showings. Paired with certain real estate agencies, Uber allows Realtors to become “drivers” in specific instances to resolve issues such as a client’s lack of transportation. Although relatively new, this concept has been well-received and could be a sign of what’s to come in replacing specified home viewing appointments to meet homebuyers’ schedules.