Optimize Your Instagram For Mortgage Marketing Success

instagram marketing

Instagram is a social media giant with a rapidly expanding home buyer demographic. If you are a loan originator or real estate agent and are not using Instagram, you are likely missing out on a substantial amount of business. Here are some tips for optimizing your profile and making the most of what Instagram has to offer your business.

Set Up Your Profile – Start by using your professional headshot as a profile picture. Consistency is key, so sticking with the photo you use for the rest of your branding is ideal. Also, be sure your account name matches your other business profile names on social media. Use your bio to describe the nature of your professional duties and include any brand slogans or other pertinent brand info.

Find Your Target Audience – Once your profile is optimized, you can start finding your target audience. A great way to do this is including well-thought-out hashtags in the captions of the images you post. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and use hashtags they might be searching. Additionally, use the discover tool to search for relevant hashtags and follow other accounts that are helpful to your business.

Keep Your Content Steady and Focused – It’s important keep a constant stream of content that is fresh and relevant. Try to post several times a week to keep your followers engaged. Reflect back on your goals in having an Instagram account. As you post, remember you are “telling your story” from a business perspective. Sharing accomplishments, upcoming events and listings is a fantastic way to do this. For more Instagram content ideas that are relevant to mortgage and real estate, click here.

Use Instagram Ads – If you want to ensure your Instagram posts are being viewed by a large number of people, consider Instagram ads. Paying to promote your content is inexpensive and simple to set up with Instagram. Setting specific criteria that matches your customers’ needs is a great way to be sure you’re getting in front of potential buyers.\n\nUsing Instagram as a platform for real estate or mortgage marketing is an excellent way to build business. By optimizing your profile and target audience and being sure to post relevant content on a consistent basis, you will be on your way to success!

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