Mortgage Marketing Must Center Around Homebuying Experience

Home buyers are driving the customer experience in ways that have changed the landscape of real estate and mortgage marketing. Customers want fast answers and to look for homes on their terms, without a lot of back and forth.

The mortgage industry has changed to meet this growing demand, with companies such as Blend, Cloudvirga and Tavant leading the way in creating application systems that provide homebuyers a far simpler way to acquire home financing. However, the customer experience starts well before someone is ready to be pre-approved for their mortgage.

Mortgage originators need to strategically find home buyers long before those buyers are ready to make a purchase. Cultivating relationships, adding value through education, and overcoming objections with well-thought-out solutions are invaluable in today’s mortgage marketing. Whether through Facebook and Instagram marketing, video marketing or even Google Ads, the modern loan originator needs to be seen where potential customers spend time.

At Intent, our process is defined. We know how to find the sweet spot before a mortgage is needed. We also know how to cultivate relationships with proven systems and join forces with the right technology partners to create a seamless solution. And we know how to respectfully and thoughtfully help people navigate through what will likely be the largest purchase they ever make. This level of relationship development comes through behavior analysis and assessing the honest feedback of those who have been through the mortgage experience.

Guiding people through the challenges of home buying is just one way Intent sets the bar for mortgage marketing.