Instagram Content Ideas For Real Estate and Mortgage Marketing

The internet has become the first resource for potential home buyers, creating the perfect situation for mortgage and real estate professionals to market digitally. Created to provide a common digital space to share photographs, Instagram is an excellent platform for mortgage and real estate professionals to generate leads, sales and referrals. Here are some Instagram marketing content tips for boosting real estate and mortgage marketing efforts and driving sales:

    • Promote home listings – Instagram was created for the purpose of sharing beautiful photographs. Use this platform to your advantage by sharing home listings to your followers. Highlight some of the eye-catching features of the home and use Instagram’s video-sharing feature to offer video tours of rooms.
    • Share your personal life – The best business Instagram account is one that has a healthy balance of business posts and personal posts. People love to learn more about the people they follow. Share photos of your pets, children, vacations and more.
    • Serve up educational videos – Create short videos about loan programs, homebuying basics and other mortgage and real estate topics. Share those on Instagram so your followers can learn from them.
    • Pass along home design trends – Share photos of trendy home designs and ask your followers to offer feedback. By asking a question, you will spark conversation and create engagement on the post.
    • Show off your brand – Showcase yourself in a way that is consistent with your branding. Share photos and videos of team meetings, open houses, teambuilding activities and more.
    • Promote open-house videos – These can be done using Instagram’s “live” feature in stories, or by posting a video. Take a video of a bustling open house to entice followers to come see the listing.
    • Showcase neighborhood videos – Take a video of neighborhoods in your area and point out their unique qualities. Promote schools, restaurants, attractions and shopping.

When using Instagram for business, it is important to remember consistency is key. Post at times when people are watching and do it consistently. Additionally, remember to use clear photos and hashtags and add locations to your posts.

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