Yip Yip Implements Best Practices for Social Selling

social selling

In a modern world influenced enormously by social selling and marketing, it may feel overwhelming to even begin the process of using a digital platform to market yourself as a lender or real estate agent. Yip Yip has designed a full program to not only get you started but to take you through the full journey.

Founded in 2015 as a digital platform solution that easily guides users through the process of creating and managing an online presence, Yip Yip seeks to help clients establish credibility, attract new leads and increase overall revenue. The company’s Social Selling Starter Program even includes training for a full team on how to implement best practices.  Behind the scenes, Yip Yip automatically posts to all your social media channels on your behalf. With a selectable amount of control, you can monitor each post before it goes live or allow the system to post without any additional steps. Accessible by both phone and computer, Yip Yip can travel with you on your business trips and outings

In addition to digital solutions, Yip Yip offers content suggestions to help you include the most strategic information. Yip Yip’s creative, top-notch content is personalized to your team representative. While Yip Yip suggests content, the company remains first and foremost focused on amplifying your existing company message and brand.  Whether you don’t know how or don’t have the time to market digitally, Yip Yip wants to fix the roadblock and provide first-rate marketing services in a digital age. Even those who aren’t tech-savvy can benefit from how much time Yip Yip saves their team.

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