Technology’s Role in Mortgage Recruiting

mortgage recruiting

As the mortgage industry changes, it’s important for companies to keep up with the times when it comes to mortgage recruiting. Many of today’s loan officers are looking for more than just stability when choosing a potential employer. Particularly with millennials and young, innovative minds, technology has become a major selling point for mortgage companies. Providing both marketing software and lead generation services to new loan officers is a surefire way to set them up for industry success. Supplying these same tools to seasoned loan officers will make their days less tedious and allow them more time to focus on bringing in new business. Regardless of experience level, loan officers want to work for a company that offers the latest and most updated technology for their career growth.


Spanning even beyond the mortgage industry is the appeal of automated campaigns and communication through customer relationship management platforms or customer data platforms. These platforms are particularly helpful for loan officers looking to enhance their business relationships and partnerships. Since a major point of success as a mortgage originator is building relationships, there is value in not only having reminders to reach out to all contacts, but also in documenting each interaction in order to keep track of all conversations. By simplifying processes, automating and enhancing customer interactions, and organizing a database of contacts, customer relationship software can take loan officers to the next level of success.

Lead Funnels

To foster relationships through automated marketing, a loan officer will first need to build his or her database of potential clientele. By investing in lead generation software and lead funnels, mortgage companies are investing in their loan officers and offering potential recruits more incentive to join their team. Time typically spent hunting for new clients can now be redirected to brand building and walking existing borrowers through the journey of purchasing or refinancing a home. Allowing lead generation services to take this first step will ensure that the loan officer can enhance the overall client experience and nurture relationships with referral partners.