Is Your Headshot Helping or Hurting Your Business?

professional headshot

Having the right head shot in your marketing materials, email signature and social media profiles is a very important component to attracting more business. The style and quality of your head shot can say a lot about who you are and how you conduct your business. It’s only natural for customers to feel more comfortable working with someone who has a photo that looks both friendly and professional. This kind of photo will likely attract more business than a photo that is outdated or that has clearly been cropped.  For business head shots, one of the most important rules of the road is hiring a professional. While selfies and cropped photos may work for personal social media accounts, hiring a professional photographer will make all the difference when it comes to business.

When searching for a professional photographer, be sure to look at a photographer’s previous work. A photographer may offer a great price, but if he or she doesn’t have a solid portfolio of head shots available for you to view, you may want to find someone else. Here are some other points to consider when it comes to taking a head shot that will help you win business:

    1. Use a recent photo. Toss the 20-year-old glamour shots and keep head shots no more than three or four years old. While it may seem appealing to use a younger photo of yourself, potential customers who meet you face-to-face won’t recognize you.
    2. Go light on the retouches. While removing a blemish or two is OK, going overboard on effects and filters will remove a level of professionalism and create a misleading representation of yourself.
    3. Make sure your attire is professional but also similar to what you typically wear. If you attend client meetings in business casual attire, there’s no need to wear a suit in your head shot. However, no matter what you wear, make sure it looks clean and professional.

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