5 Tips to Improve Your Email Open Rates and Click-Through Rates

email open rate

While a sale is always the end goal of sending real estate and mortgage marketing emails to prospective customers, the interim goal of the email is ensuring it is opened and the calls to action resonate with the customer. According to a recent Mailchimp study, email open rates for mortgage and real estate companies are around 20%, and click-through rates are around 2%. So how can you make your emails perform as good or better than average?

Respond to New Contacts Quickly

Time is of the essence! Replying to a new contact’s email within 24 hours helps ensure you’ll still be fresh on that person’s mind. If it’s a purchased lead from a lead source such as Zillow or Realtor.com, you should reply within minutes. If you’re using a templated campaign email, be sure it’s automated so the response time is not instantaneous. An instant reply will give the impression you’re not a real person.

Keep Your Emails Short and Sweet

You have a much better chance of a person reading your email if it’s concise and to the point. Accompanying this with focused information and a text layout that helps the reader scan through the entire email will greatly improve the chances of them seeing and understanding the call to action. In addition, spam filters are known to flag emails with too much text. So, keep it concise; otherwise you’ll receive a “TLDR” reaction.

Use a Compelling Subject Line

There are a few effective ways to come up with a subject line that will persuade your customer to open your email. Be sure to use language that fits the recipient’s needs. Offer a personal touch, such as including their first name, but don’t go over the top. Include action-oriented verbs to increase the persuasive effect of your subject. Most of all, keep the message clear! Clarity is more important than persuasion, and finding the perfect mix of these two will ensure you use the most compelling subject line possible.

Use a Single Call-to-Action Button

The key to an effective call-to-action button is placement and clarity. Within your email, it’s important that you have a single CTA with a clear and concise message, much like your subject line. Make sure it’s positioned on the screen where it’s easily visible. Also make sure it’s not intrusive and does not obstruct any key information. If your button contains an image, be sure to include some alt text within the HTML so that if an email client blocks your image, the reader will still see the CTA.

Make Sure Your Email is Mobile-Friendly

More emails are opened on mobile than on your desktop, and as the years pass, the percentage of emails opened on mobile is going to grow exponentially. It is important that the content of the email — from the images to the CTA button — is optimized for mobile. Be sure to compress your image file sizes as much as possible with tools such as Photoshop or TinyPNG. If you’re creating emails with a service such as Mailchimp, be sure to utilize any available mobile preview functionality offered by the platform.\n\nAs you send emails to prospective customers, keep your content relevant and educational, and keep your subject lines captivating. Place calls to action in an easily identifiable spot and ensure they are clear. For more information on real estate and mortgage marketing open rates, click here.