Calendly Simplifies Scheduling Meetings For Mortgage and Real Estate


In the mortgage and real estate business, nothing is more valuable than networking and scheduling meetings. However, juggling busy schedules and multiple time zones can present a large challenge when it comes to scheduling a time to meet. Many hurdles often come about when attempting to set up a meeting, and many times the result is an unnecessary amount of back and forth.

Fortunately, there are several great meeting tools available for those dealing with external scheduling issues on a regular basis. One platform that arguably stands out above the rest is Calendly.  Calendly is an automated scheduling software that works with digital calendars to automatically check availability and help users connect with any of their contacts, prospects or clients. Setting up Calendly is a breeze. Users begin by specifying availability preferences and then can share a link with their contacts via email or website embed. Viewers can then pick a time that fits the schedule of all parties, and the event is added to the calendars of everyone involved.

Calendly works seamlessly with the most widely used business apps. It offers team-based functionality, allowing meetings to be assigned based on team availability and priority. Users can also enable invitees to schedule a time with multiple team members at once. Calendly’s tiered pricing includes a free “basic” option, with generous features to make jumping into Calendly simple.  If you’ve already tried Calendly and perhaps are interested in comparing it to another automated scheduling software, here are a few others to check out as well:

    • FreeBusy: Schedule meetings with people inside or outside your company