Time Management Skills To Improve Productivity

time management

Though it may sound cliché, time truly is a valuable thing. The bottom line when it comes to time is that there are almost never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you hope to accomplish. That is particularly true in the mortgage industry, where every loan transaction requires patience, attention to detail and a great deal of time management to see it through from application to closing.  From corresponding closely with referral partners to making phone calls, sending emails and texts, and using social media to convince prospective home buyers that you have the experience, knowledge and right personality to guide them through the most important financial investment of their life, a day in the life of a mortgage professional can feel like one big blur.

Thankfully, there are at least three ways that mortgage planners, or just about any person in the business sector, can optimize the time they spend on the job.  John Hall, the CEO of Digital Talent Agents, a company that works with entrepreneurs, startups, consultants and executives to build their professional brands, tackled the very important topic of time management in an article recently published at Forbes.com.  Here are Hall’s three keys to time management at work:

Do The “Tough” Stuff First 

Hall believes the best time to get the most accomplished on the job is early in the day. He recommends resisting the urge to waste part of the morning perusing social media feeds or reading news not related to your job. Once larger and tougher tasks are out of the way, the smaller and more menial tasks will be easier to complete.

Use The Calendar 

Hall is a big believer in utilizing a detailed personal calendar to list tasks or schedule events. Resisting the temptation to include only minimal information about a task or event might be the hardest part. While maintaining a detailed personal calendar can be cumbersome, Hall contends that the outcome makes the extra effort worth it. At the end of each day, take a few minutes to schedule events and tasks into your calendar for the next day.

Time Yourself

How long does it take you to complete a task at work? Hall sees value in figuring out how much time is necessary to finish a familiar task, whether it be a planning meeting, filing a report, or something else. Once you know this, keep track of the time you spend on those tasks in the future.\n\nTo view the full article, click here.