Videos, ‘Instastories’ and the Art of Visual Marketing

instagram stories

Nothing paralyzes a person faster than putting them on camera. A permanent record of what you say or do can almost seem worse than the anxiety that comes with public speaking. Our article about ramping up your video marketing by creating great real estate and mortgage marketing videos may go a long way in assuaging your video fears about everything from what equipment to use to knowing what to say and how to edit.  But when it comes to content, the most important part is being authentic, honest and human. Yes, you will stumble over words sometimes. You won’t always look perfect, but how you tell your story is far more important than what you look like when you do.  There are several schools of thought on how to hook a potential customer into your story and keep them coming back for more:

Walk them through your life. Let customers know what is happening in your world both professionally and personally. Your comfort level with digital intimacy will be your guide here, but people are more likely to do business with someone when they feel connected to them.

Share about your area & market. Talking about current events in the market or sharing stories of your successes (or failures) creates trust and value.

Go through a real process. Put your co-workers and your customers in the video. Especially on Facebook and Instagram, snippets of you and a buyer going through homes and exchanging real-time feedback will open the door for those who are intimidated by the process to see how easy it can be.

TEACH and ASK QUESTIONS! Create an \”Instastory\” on Instagram to let people vote on which house they like best. Turn your videos into episodes of a show you host on homeownership. You have all the keys; you just need to turn your phone around.