Creating a Great Video to Enhance Your Video Marketing

video marketing

Video marketing is an important and effective way to send personalized messaging to your customers and prospective leads. With the right techniques and a few small pieces of equipment, you can be on your way to creating excellent marketing videos in no time!

While marketing videos can be created with any type of video equipment, the simplest and most cost-effective way is using your smartphone. There are several accessories you can purchase to enhance the video capabilities of your smartphone as well. This halo light and tripod provide excellent lighting and stability while including a clip to hold your phone.

Making a Video

If you are using a halo light with a tripod, follow the simple guidelines below to create the best video.

    • Using the adjustable phone clamp attached to the tripod, slide your phone into the clamp. If you have a case on your phone, you may have to remove the case to allow it to fit. We recommend placing your phone so the screen is facing you, as this will allow you to see yourself in the video so that you can perfect your placement.
    • Make sure the halo light is plugged in, then turn on the light using the dimmer switch located at the bottom right corner on the backside of the halo. This will allow you to adjust the brightness of the light to suit your needs. If you do not have a halo light and tripod, holding your phone in selfie mode or propping it up on a table will work as well.
    • Place your phone in “video mode,” ensure the camera is in “selfie mode,” and begin recording the video.
    • When making your video, begin by turning to face the camera and pausing in a still frame for at least five seconds. This will allow you to make a clean start to the video when editing. As you record, make sure to annunciate your words fully and look directly at the camera. Appear animated and excited to ensure engagement of your audience. Keep the videos short; we recommend making them one to three minutes long. When you are finished speaking, pause in a still frame for another five seconds to create a clean close to your video when editing. Stop recording and watch your video to ensure it is what you want.

Editing Your Video

If you are using an iPhone, you can use iMovie to edit your video. If you do not like iMovie, or are not using an iPhone, you can download the following free video editing apps to your phone:

When editing your video, it’s most important to remove the beginning clip and ending clip. We recommend starting and ending the video in the middle of your five-second pauses.

A few additional recommendations when filming your video:

    • Ensure your phone has adequate storage before you begin filming
    • Turn off notifications before you start filming so they don’t distract you while you are creating your video
    • Do not zoom your video, decreasing the quality of the video. It’s better to place the phone and tripod closer to you, instead of zooming.

For more information on tools that will help you shoot better smartphone videos, watch the video below.